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If you have a professional license in New York, then you are subject to oversight and disciplinary actions by New York’s professional misconduct enforcement system. Professional misconduct is the failure of a licensed professional to meet expected and established standards of practice.


New York State monitors their professionals through various city and state agencies.

Who monitors Medical Professionals in New York?

Medical Licensing is monitored by the New York State Department of Health through their Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC). Prosecution is handled by the Board of Professional Medical Conduct’s Division of Legal Affairs. We represent individuals in need of

Physician license defense

Physician assistant license defense

Medical license defense

Additionally, we represent practitioners who are subject to Orders of the State Board for Professional Medical Conduct

Which agency oversees Construction Professionals? 

Construction professionals are subject to oversight and discipline by the Department of Buildings. We represent license holders in disciplinary matters at OATH (Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings) for all proceedings including:


Concrete Safety Manager License Defense

Concrete Testing Laboratory License Defense

Construction Superintendent License Defense

Contractor License Defense

Electrician License Defense

Elevator Technician License Defense

Filing Representative License Defense

High pressure Boiler Operating Engineer License Defense

Hoisting Machine Operator License Defense

Oil Burner Equipment Installer License Defense

Plumber License Defense

Rigger License Defense

Sign Hanger License Defense

Site Safety Professional License Defense

Welder License Defense

NYS Office of the Professions- State Education Department

New York State Education Department's Office of the Professions (OP) investigates and prosecutes professional misconduct in most other professions. We represent individuals in disciplinary matters before the Office of Professional Discipline in the following fields:

Applied Behavior Analysts

Athletic Training
Audiology license defense
Certified Shorthand Reporting

Clinical Laboratory Technologists and Technicians
Dental Anesthesia/Sedation
Dental Hygienists
Registered Dental Assistants
Interior Design
Land Surveying
Landscape Architecture
Massage Therapy
Medical Physics
Physician Assistants
Specialist Assistants
Mental Health Practitioners
Creative Arts Therapists
Marriage and Family Therapists
Mental Health Counselors

Registered Professional Nurses
Nurse Practitioners
Clinical Nurse Specialists
Licensed Practical Nurses
Occupational Therapists
Ophthalmic Dispensing
Pathologists' Assistant
Pharmacy Establishments

Registered Pharmacy Technicians
Physical Therapists
Physical Therapist Assistants
Polysomnographic Technology
Public Accountants
Respiratory Therapists
Respiratory Therapy Technicians
Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW)
Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)
Speech-Language Pathology
Veterinary Technician

Why Hire Us?

Our Professional License Defense team is led by a former City attorney who spent time training with the Office of Professional Medical Conduct’s legal team and assisted in hearings prosecuting licensee’s accused of wrongdoings. Additionally, Harary Law has conducted hundreds of administrative hearings and trials, both prosecuting and defending individuals.

Besides for protecting your rights and minimizing potential discipline, our ultimate goal is to help you resume a rewarding professional career.


As an experienced team committed to safeguarding our clients, Harary Law is committed to providing personalized attention to all of our clients in the area of professional license defense. Based in Manhattan, Harary Law will travel to clients’ offices and facilities and to government offices throughout New York State. We are proud of our ongoing relationships with clients and welcome the opportunity to address the professional license defense of new clients as well.

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