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We may be able to help you!

Arrested? Subject of a government investigation?

Having the protection and guidance from experienced legal counsel cannot be overstated. Our attorneys have prosecuted and defended thousands of criminal cases in New York. Whether this is your first run in with the law or a repeated offense, we can represent you. Our goal is to develop your best defense strategy while helping to make you whole again.

Fortunately you do not have to go at this alone

Here are some things that we do for our clients:

Investigate the crime scene

Interview witnesses

Request, gather, and review all the evidence against you

Represent you in all criminal court appearances

Negotiate with the District Attorney prosecuting your case

Prepare for trial

Finally, we're lawyers with actual criminal court experience and documented success

If you're interested in speaking with us about your case, then contact us by clicking on the button below! Feel free to browse our site for more details about our services.

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