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Keep your business running smoothly and avoid conflicts with careful contract review

Contracts are at the core of every business and most day-to-day affairs. A contract, in its simplest form, is an agreement that creates a legal obligation between multiple parties. Without realizing, the average person takes part in contract formation almost every day. For example, online shopping- you, the consumer, agrees to pay a vendor in exchange for the vendor shipping out of the desired item to you. After you enter your credit card information and are billed- your part of the agreement is complete. If for whatever reason the vendor does not ship out your goods, the vendor has failed to uphold their end of the agreement. This is a simplified version of a breach of contract dispute.

Careful drafting and thorough reviewing of all contracts is the key to preventing future costly litigation.


Whether it is a non-compete agreement with a former partner or a licensing agreement with a vendor, your contracts should be drafted after anticipating potential conflicts and provide built in legal solutions. We can represent you throughout all contract negotiations and ensure every deal you enter protects your business’s bottom line.


Harary Law offers knowledgeable and skilled representation for all your business legal

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