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New York has a rule for everything. Agency laws and regulations can be numerous and complicated. Our dedicated team can simplify these rules and make sure you are in compliance.

New York State has enacted various laws and regulations to safeguard the quality of life for its citizens and visitors. The enforcement and promotion of these laws and regulations falls upon specific government agencies. For example, in New York, the behavior of restaurants, construction companies, and taxicab drivers are all policed by different agencies. There are over a hundred city and state government agencies in New York and a majority of these agencies have the authority to issue penalty-imposing violations. These penalties range from license suspension, mandatory corrections, and even hefty monetary fines. Collectively, these legal matters are referred to as administrative law and regulatory compliance.


Harary Law can represent you in all your administrative law and regulatory compliance issues.

Administrative Agencies & Regulatory Compliance

We assist clients with all administrative and regulatory matters including:


Summonses issued by various NYC agencies (DOB, DOT, TLC, etc.)

Liquor Licensing

Health Department

Zoning and Land Use Advisory

Board of Standards and Appeals

Professional Medical Conduct

Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings (OATH)

Office of Administrative Hearings (New York State)

Development and City/State Planning

Transportation and use of public property

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